Hello and welcome!
My name is Dylan R McCabe and I’m a Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Coach.
I have always felt a little ‘different’ and was often told that I had special gifts to offer the world. In the year of 2012, I decided it was time to begin to develop these gifts and to step onto my spiritual path with true purpose, passion and commitment.
I have been attuned to Reiki Level 3 and I have spent many years developing my natural, intuitive healing abilities. I have also gained certificates in Crystal Therapy and Colour Therapy. I also have a great interest in shamanic healing and have always worked closely with the natural energies of our beautiful planet. I absolutely love spending time with animals and trees, and really enjoy connecting with their energy.
As well as healing and nature, I am deeply passionate about writing. I have self published two poetry books, and continue to add more poetry, prose and short stories to my collection.
I have studied Spiritual Coaching and love to encourage and assist other people on their life path. My purpose is to help people to open their eyes to the limitless possibilities in life, and to their own inner light and power.
Dylan R McCabe

One thought on “Home

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  1. Awesome blog Dylan.
    Your light is a beacon and shines brightly.
    It’s a pleasure journeying with you.
    Love and blessings. Luba ♥


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